An Important Update

For almost 40 years, Western International University has proudly served students like you, and worked to provide a quality education with an innovative eye towards the unique needs of working adults. We have adapted our model to keep pace with changing technology and student expectations, making it more affordable and manageable for today's students to secure a higher education. We are proud of the work we have done, and of the successes our alumni have found.

Ensuring that all students who enroll in West programs graduate with the knowledge and credentials that allow them to progress in the workforce has been and continues to be our primary focus. The increasing demands of the competitive higher education marketplace challenge all institutions, and we have been working to address those facing West. Institutions with small enrollment numbers like ours have an even narrower path to follow with higher sensitivities to change and less ability to absorb burdens.

In considering the current environment, and the best interests of all of our students, the Board of Western International University has approved the recommendation to cease enrolling new students, develop a teach-out plan for current students and, ultimately, to close the university once the teach-out plan has been approved by the Higher Learning Commission and the Arizona Board for Private Postsecondary Education and carried out.

A degree earned at Western International University – before or after this announcement and throughout the teach-out – remains a relevant degree from a regionally accredited institution. Students who are utilizing funds from the federal Title IV programs and who remain individually eligible will also continue to have access to these programs through their graduation.

This institution was founded with the best interests of its students at heart and we are winding down operations in that same spirit. While our work may be drawing to a close, we will continue to take pride in the many students and graduates who are the true legacy of this institution.

We understand there will be questions and concerns about this decision as we move forward and will continue to update this page accordingly. For current active students, an advisor will be calling you soon to discuss your options.

To request your official transcripts, please visit